Does saliva carry aids?

Answer AIDS is the final stage of the HIV infection. According to AIDS Healthcare Foundation, half of those infected with HIV will progress to AIDS within 10 years. Because of its severity, it is importan... Read More »

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Can aids be transmitted by saliva?

One cannot give or receive AIDS by transferring saliva. The HIV virus cannot reproduce outside of the body, so it cannot be transmitted by kissing, sneezing, coughing or sharing glasses or utensils... Read More »

Does saliva help a cut.?

This is a tricky question as saliva it's self is an antibacterial, that's why cats and animals lick their wounds. However if one person bites someone else than your saliva works as lets a poison, h... Read More »

How does the saliva test for THC work?

A saliva test, also called an oral fluid test, is a quickly and easily administered type of drug screen. A positive result for THC indicates marijuana use.ProcedureTechnicians obtain a saliva sampl... Read More »

Why does Saliva get collected in my mouth in the morning?

hey saliva typically swallowed continually as produced as an involuntary reaction. too much saliva can be the result of the glands that produce it becoming over active or from an individual swallow... Read More »