Does running the air-conditioner in your car use more gas?

Answer Yes. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, using the air-conditioner increases engine load, which can decrease fuel economy. The organization recommends opening a window or fresh air v... Read More »

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Does running the air conditioner with an open window increase or decrease your electric bill?

Why do do this? Air on means close windows.

Can you keep your windows open while the air conditioner is running?

You can keep your windows open with the air conditioner running, but by doing so, you are letting the hot air in, the cold air out, wasting electricity, and causing your electric bill to be higher.... Read More »

Does using the air conditioner in the car use more gas?

Air conditioning can decrease fuel economy by 10 to 20 percent at speeds below 40 miles an hour. Above that, wind drag caused by open windows will decrease gas mileage, and using the air conditione... Read More »

Does domestic refrigerator have more cop than air conditioner?

COP of any refrigerating system mainly depends on the performance of the compressors used and the heat load at the evaporator. A similar or almost equal COP can be achieved from any system by varyi... Read More »