Does running over a recapped tire tread from a tractor trailer that cannot be avoided constitute a collision?

Answer Answer Anytime, in our state that you hit anything "lying" in the roadway it is defined in the policy as a collision. The only exception to that rule is animals dead in the roadway. Only if the ret... Read More »

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How much tread is on a new tire?

The Tire and Rim Association indicates that newly manufactured tires hold a tread depth of 11/32 to 10/32 inches. As they are driven, tires may wear to a safe, legal minimum of 2/32 inches. At this... Read More »

Tire Tread Rules?

Tire tread is extremely important to insuring your vehicle's safety on the road. It provides your car's tires with gripping and traction, preventing your car from sliding on wet and icy roads. Keep... Read More »

When the motor is running what part of a personnal water craft should be avoided?

The propeller or prop should be avoided.Jet skis you need to stay clear of the water exhaust ports.

How to Use a Penny to Check the Tire Tread?

You probably don't have plans to spin out of control in your car anytime soon, but a lack of tire tread can cause your car to do just that. You can buy a tire tread depth gauge to gauge the remaini... Read More »