Does running out of gas hurt a fuel system?

Answer On One Hand: Not the Whole SystemA car's fuel system consists of a fuel tank into which you pump gasoline, a fuel pump, fuel filter to remove impurities from the fuel and protect the engine, and a ... Read More »

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How Does a Car Fuel System Work?

Car use all sorts of ancillary systems to make the engine work, and each performs a different vital task. The fuel system is one of the most vital of these systems, providing the engine with a cons... Read More »

How Does a Standalone Fuel Management System Work?

Car enthusiasts enjoy modifying their engines to boost performance, including the addition of a standalone fuel management system. By harnessing the control of how much fuel is used during function... Read More »

Does BG Fuel Injection System Cleaner work?

On One Hand: You Don't Need ItNo matter who sells it, all gasoline comes out of the same hole in the ground. Modern fuel companies introduce a lot of additives to their gasoline to make it stand a... Read More »

What Type of Fuel System Does a 2001 Expedition Have?

The 2001 Expedition was a large sport utility vehicle manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Since its introduction in 1997, the Ford Expedition boasts ample seating, interior space and cargo room... Read More »