Does rosemary need full sun?

Answer The short answer is yes. For more info check out the related link below.

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How much water does a rosemary need a day?

Chose herbs that thrive in the heat, use lots of mulch, in the south east watch for mildew, in the south west use soaker hoses.

Rosemary has spit on it. Looks like someone has been spitting on my rosemary & ants are all over it to.?

Noone is spitting on your rosemary. well, no person, that is. what you see are spittlebug masses.MEADOW SPITTLEBUG.Philaenus spumariusgreenish bugs found within spittle masses suck sap.No noticea... Read More »

Does bee balm need full sun?

Bee balm thrives in full sun, but can be grown in partial shade. Flowering may be inhibited in a shady area. Bee balm is also more prone to problems with powdery mildew when grown in shade or parti... Read More »

Does a butterfly bush need to be in full sun?

Butterfly bushes (Buddleia) require full sunlight, but can withstand some shade in the warmer climates. These bushes grow in many soil types, require pruning in the warmer areas and attract many in... Read More »