Does rooting your android void the warrannty?

Answer BBM is exclusive to blackberry devices.

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Rooting for android question (help)?

Rooting your phone does nothing to the software or firmware, it just allows you to make changes you wouldn't be able to otherwise. If you just root your phone and don't install any custom roms it w... Read More »

Android Galaxy s4 rooting?

First of all, iOS (the software every handheld Apple device uses) has the same permissions. They don't ask for permissions, but instead, they keep it hidden so you don't know what you're downloadi... Read More »

Question about rooting your Android phone.?

Yes it can run faster by overclocking but . If you don't know rooting then it would be tricky thing for you because rooting void your warranty and there is no guarantee that it will be a success. I... Read More »

What is rooting android device what are the advantage of this?…Trust this guy, he's an expert.Rooting means giving you the highest level of administrator. You can do everything in your android phone. There are a lot o... Read More »