Does rinsing dishes before dishwasher remove bacteria?

Answer You rinse a dish first because if it has something sticky in it or something like chocolate it can sometimes get completely stuck to the dish while its washing. ITs just like if you wash a t-shirt ... Read More »

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Is pre-rinsing dishes required with Miele dishwashers?

Miele dishwashers do not require dishes to be prerinsed or soaked before loading. Scraping any solids off the plate is enough. The hot-water cycle melts any starch or residue stuck to pots, pans an... Read More »

Does your dishwasher kill bacteria?

Does a dishwasher kill germs on dishes?

Does it cost more to run a dishwasher or wash dishes?

10 gallons for 5 fills 6 gallons for 3 fills etc.