Does riding an exercise bike or swimming burn more calories?

Answer On One Hand: Burning Calories at a Moderate PaceThe number of calories you burn while exercising depends on your body weight and the intensity of your physical activity. Exercising at at moderate p... Read More »

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Does walking or riding a bike burn more calories?

Calorie expenditure is determined by two factors: speed or intensity and body weight. Factoring in walking speed and individual body weight, walking burns a range of 2.4 to 6.8 calories per minute ... Read More »

Is bike riding good exercise?

Biking is very good exercise. It doesn't matter if you are on a stationary bike, road bike or mountain bike; it burns a significant amount of calories and is a great form of cardiovascular exercise... Read More »

How many calories does a 20 minute ab exercise burn?

Probably 100-150.Jumping Rope would be a much better choice if you want to burn fat indoors,plus you only need a rope!

How to Get Exercise Outdoors With Bike Riding?

Here's is how to get exercise outdoors riding a bike. This is a great way to get cardio, build strength, build endurance, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.