Does riddex work on pests&roaches?

Answer On One Hand: Company Claims It WorksRiddex claims to offer a chemical-free alternative to getting rid of rodents and roaches. According to, the Riddex Pulse uses a microprocessor to crea... Read More »

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Does Riddex work on bed bugs?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsRiddexPlus uses pulses undetectable to human ears to drive pests away. The digital pest repeller specifically claims that it works on rats, mice and roaches at frequ... Read More »

How Does a Riddex Plug-In Work?

The Riddex Plug-In, also sold as Riddex Plus, claims to rid your home of pests by using the wiring in your home instead of pesticides and traps. The manufacturer instructs to "just plug it in" to c... Read More »

Does riddex plus kill bees?

Riddex Plus does not kill bees or any other insect. The product is designed to repel rodents, roaches and other vermin. It uses electromagnetic technology to get rid of pests without killing them.R... Read More »

Does Riddex Pulse kill spiders?

Riddex Pulse does not kill any pests.The product keeps rats, mice and roaches out of the home, but spiders are unaffected. Riddex Pulse plugs into an outlet and sends an electric charge through the... Read More »