Does rendering videos effect bandwidth?

Answer It shouldn't if the video is already in your hard drive. Have you tried disconnecting from the internet and watch the video?BTW, what do you exactly mean by 'rendering'? I take that as simply worki... Read More »

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What hardware will make rendering videos quicker?

It's the CPU the the primary factor. Stronger CPU = faster rendering time. It works a lot during your rendering time to link videos, apply effects, convert,... A 3570k @ 4.4Ghz is a really good set... Read More »

Due to bandwidth limit my site is not working right now. Does it effect my seo ranking till the problem resolv?

Yes, bandwidth limit is big fact to keep SEO ranking. Because seo is the matter of customer satisfaction. when visitors will try to visit you but couldn't then it will count as bounce. So, more you... Read More »

I need rendering help with rendering my video on sony vegas pro 10?

The link below is by a poster whom shared a fix for skipping and long render times when using Vegas.

What do they attach to the video camera lens to achieve that fishbowl effect ...such as in skateboard videos.?

It is not where they attach it that makes it that way it is the lens itself.