Does refinancing a car loan lower credit scores?

Answer On One Hand: Refinancing Will Lower Credit ScoresRefinancing a car will lower a credit score, albeit temporarily. Allowing a lender to pull a credit report will lower your score, as there will now... Read More »

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How to Obtain Lower Refinancing Loan Rates?

Obtaining a car refinancing loan is actually one of the best ways to lower the monthly payments involved in a car loan. This reduces the premiums involved by getting a second loan form a second len... Read More »

How Can I Get a Home Loan With a Credit Score Lower Than 500?

Homeownership allows you to build equity in an asset and re-build credit by making timely payments. If you have a credit score lower than 500, it will be very difficult to secure a mortgage loan. P... Read More »

What is refinancing a loan?

Debt financing provides money for everyday expenses and big-ticket items. Loan refinancing is an integral component of debt management. Identify the characteristics of refinancing before coordinati... Read More »

What is refinancing a car loan?

During an auto refinance, car owners apply for a new loan with another lender. The new lender then pays off the existing balance on the loan and drafts a new loan for the balance still due on the c... Read More »