Does red yeast rice cause hair thinning?

Answer On One Hand: Not a Known Side EffectNo clinical trials conducted on red yeast rice, a dietary supplement believed to effectively lower blood cholesterol, suggest users will experience thinning hair... Read More »

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Does smoking weed cause thinning of hair?

Although anecdotal evidence exists that smoking marijuana can cause hair loss, to date (January 2010) no reputable studies have been published confirming that theory. However, smoking cigarettes is... Read More »

Can red yeast rice cause a sore throat?

On One Hand: Sore Throat Is Not A Typical Side EffectMonascus purpureus, also known as red yeast rice, is a species of yeast that is sold as a cholesterol-lowering nutritional supplement. Side effe... Read More »

How Do Hats Cause Thinning Hair?

Teachers and students can complete short-term science projects in a limited time using easily obtainable materials. Students do not need to complete extensive research to prepare for them. They wi... Read More »

Are hats the cause of thinning hair?

On One Hand: Factor In GeneticsA person's genetic makeup is usually the reason for thinning hair, not wearing a hat. Hair loss is a problem incurred by more than 60 million Americans, according to ... Read More »