Does rap music affect the community more than r&b?

Answer On One Hand: Effects of Rap MusicRap music is a relatively newer and younger form of music compared with R&B. It rose in the early 1980s, giving a voice to underprivileged urban communities. It car... Read More »

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How does child abuse AFFECT the Community?

It does because we us the people see it dont do nothing about it.and wel l more than 2,000 kids die in one year.WE HAVE TO PUT IT STOP IN CHILD ABUSE!!!THE MAJIR SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!HELP O... Read More »

How does teenage pregnancy affect the community?

- Less educated women since 60% drops out of school and not everyone goes back. - More single parents - More welfare Teen pregnancies cost the USA 8 billion dollars a year.

How does teenage pregnancy affect community?

The US spend $8 billion on teen pregnancies. Less well educated women since only 1% has graduated from college by the time they are 30. More single parents since only 4% of the relationships last.

Will the SOPA Affect me if i Have Music/Music Videos On YouTube?

Most definitely. Under SOPA/PIPA YouTube could be shut down and you personally could go to prison for 5 years. But no, you shouldn't take them down just yet; you should join the fight against SOP... Read More »