Does rap music affect the community more than r&b?

Answer On One Hand: Effects of Rap MusicRap music is a relatively newer and younger form of music compared with R&B. It rose in the early 1980s, giving a voice to underprivileged urban communities. It car... Read More »

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Why does the alcohol in beer affect me more quickly than the alcohol in spirits?

Ethanol (alcohol) gets absorbed by our bodies at the same rate whether it's beer, wine or spirits. Period. Your perception is that beer is effecting you faster. That's nice!⟣

Do you attend to 2-year community college in two years only, and no more than two?

You can attend a 2-year college for more than 2 years. It's referred to as a 2-year school because if you attend full-time, you can typically complete your degree in 2 years. Obviously, if you at... Read More »

Does physical health affect mental health more than mental health affect physical?

No, quite ther contrary. Although physical health does effect mental health, mental health almost completely effects physical health.

If I weigh more than the person driving the street bike, will it affect anything?

If the driver is executing extreme turns, the increased weight on the tail end of the bike (regardless of how much you weigh,) might be detrimental. However, the increased weight on the back of the... Read More »