Does raising the minimum wage law help or hurt?

Answer On One Hand: Raising the Minimum Wage Helps Workers.The law requiring that employers pay a minimum wage is meant to ensure that workers are not being exploited and can live adequately on their inco... Read More »

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Disadvantages to Raising Minimum Wage?

The minimum wage is the least that a worker can be paid per hour, although exceptions are made for some workers such as waiters, who also get tips. There is an ongoing debate about whether raising ... Read More »

Pro effects of raising the minimum wage?

Supporters of higher minimum wages scored a victory in 2007, when Congress endorsed the first major increases in a decade--increasing the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 per hour. The vote, in tur... Read More »

Why does minimum wage help or hurt unskilled workers?

On One Hand: Takes Away JobsWhen there is a minimum wage or when one is raised, many businesses will not be able to afford the extra expense and may eliminate jobs as a result. Also, if it becomes ... Read More »

What year did the federal minimum wage go into effect&how much was the minimum wage?

The United States has not always had a minimum-wage law. The federally mandated minimum-wage law began in 1938. It was enacted by the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration. At the time, the federall... Read More »