Does radon affect home values?

Answer The presence of radon in a residence can affect its home value, depending on the risk in a particular area. Testing can be done to check levels in a house and see whether a vented mitigation device... Read More »

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Tax Assessed Values Vs. Home Values?

Properties have different types of values associated with them -- assessed, appraised, market, insured -- and the terms are confusing to many people. It is difficult to understand why your neighbor... Read More »

Do TV shows affect a person's moral values?

On One Hand: Changes in Attitudes and BehaviorMoral values, commonly accepted beliefs of right and wrong, are reflected in a person's actions. The American Academy of Pediatrics notes repeated view... Read More »

Does the fact that a Condo is a rental unit affect the values of the other condos?

It may. Lenders generally will not grant mortgages to potential buyers when the number of rentals in an community is too high. The number varies from 30% to 49%, above which, there will be no loan ... Read More »

Once I change my DNS server addresses to the google DNS address values, will it affect my torrent downloads?