Does radiation kill the entire prostate's cells?

Answer Radiation is cancer treatment that uses high-energy rays to kill cancer cells. Because radiation treatment cannot be directed precisely some healthy prostate cells will be damaged in this treatment... Read More »

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Does smoking marijuana, kill brain cells, or retard the brain cells?

It does kill brain cells over a long period of time. There are minimal effects to smoking pot. If you start young and continue smoking your entire life then you might be a little dumb. But if yo... Read More »

Does weed kill brain cells?

No, it doesn't, it only temporarily "freezes" them, meaning they are frozen in a state of slow processing until they recover from the high in which case they return to 100% normal. I have another s... Read More »

Does pomegranate juice kill cancer cells?

On One Hand: The EvidenceA University of California, Los Angeles study followed fifty men who had rapidly progressing prostate cancer. The chemical produced in cancer cells used to measure its prog... Read More »

Does smoking weed kill brain cells if...?

No, It dosent kill brain cells at all. Thats just something people say to scare peopleEven if you do it everyday it wont harm you.If you dont belive me look at this.. Read More »