Does radar work when the police car is moving toward me?

Answer Radar detectors in police cars have two modes---one to detect motion while they are stationary and one to detect motion while they are moving. If the detector is switched to the "in motion" mode, t... Read More »

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Can a police scanner detect a police man even if he doesn't have his radar gun out?

A police scanner does not receive radar signals. Scanners only receive radio signals. To detect a radar signal, you would need a radar detector.

What is a police radar used for?

Police radar units use microwave radiation technology to determine the speed of moving vehicles. By detecting reflected microwaves and measuring the frequency between them, a radar can determine th... Read More »

What is the range of a police radar gun?

The median range for a police radar gun is 300 to 500 meters, or less than one-half mile. Maximum range can be much higher, up to a mile, under good conditions. Conditions affecting radar include r... Read More »

California Laws on Speed & Police Radar?

In California, law enforcement personnel can use radar devices to determine a vehicle's speed. And if your car weighs less than a federally determined amount, then usage of a radar detector is comp... Read More »