Does radar work when the police car is moving toward me?

Answer Radar detectors in police cars have two modes---one to detect motion while they are stationary and one to detect motion while they are moving. If the detector is switched to the "in motion" mode, t... Read More »

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Can a police scanner detect a police man even if he doesn't have his radar gun out?

A police scanner does not receive radar signals. Scanners only receive radio signals. To detect a radar signal, you would need a radar detector.

How Does a Speed Radar Gun Work?

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How does Doppler radar work?

Doppler radar works by beaming a microwave signal at an object and then listening to the reflection given off by the object. It then analyzes the signal received by the object and how it was altere... Read More »

What is the range of a police radar gun?

The median range for a police radar gun is 300 to 500 meters, or less than one-half mile. Maximum range can be much higher, up to a mile, under good conditions. Conditions affecting radar include r... Read More »