Does quad core consume more power?

Answer It depends on the dual core and quad core in question and how many watts they are rated at. (Watts equals Power and Volts X Amps = Watts) It also depends on the game and how many cores it uses. You... Read More »

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How many watts does a quad core consume?

Quad core processors consume energy on a fairly broad scale, depending on the speed of the processor, whether or not you are overclocking it and the nature of the tasks that you are performing. A 2... Read More »

Does a 2.5ghz quad core have 10ghz of power?

Theoretically yes, a 2.5 Ghz quad does has 10 Ghz of power, but as a practical matter, there is substantial overhead involved in adding cores that limit how much processing power is gained each tim... Read More »

Core 2 Quad Q9xxx With Quad Core Technology?

When semiconductor company Intel Corp. introduced the Core 2 as its latest premier brand of consumer-oriented processors on July 27, 2006, it split the family into three divisions: the Core 2 Solo,... Read More »

Does a Q6600 Quad core support 64-bit O.S.?

Every processor in Intel's Core 2 Quad processor line features 64-bit instructions, including the Q6600. Your computer's BIOS must support 64-bit processors in order for the processor to work, and ... Read More »