Does putting vaseline on eyelashes help them to grow?

Answer On One Hand: Vaseline makes lashes look thickerBecause Vaseline is a thick jelly, rubbing it on lashes will have the same effect as mascara--it will make lashes look thick and lush. Vaseline also a... Read More »

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Does Vaseline Help Eyelashes Grow?

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Can vaseline actually help your eyelashes to grow!?

you are way to obsessed with the Vaseline today - put it back in the cabinetand theres no way it could make them grow - the live part is UNDER the skin - at best it will make then less likely to br... Read More »

Does Vaseline make your eyelashes grow?

No.With respect to how they grow, lashes are not much different from the hair on our heads. Individual lashes go through a growth cycle—growth begins at the root and eventually stops once the las... Read More »

Have you ever used Vaseline(patroleam jelly) on your eyelashes to make them grow longer and thicker?

Once, I over-plucked my eyebrows and I thought I would leave it to grow out for at least four weeks. In the meanwhile I applied a thin coat of petroleum jelly over it before I went to bed and it di... Read More »