Does putting salt on the meter help lower power bills?

Answer No. Salt has no effect on how a power company meter works. Most meters run on geared dials or are digital and are difficult to tamper with. They are designed to stop working and alert the power com... Read More »

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How to Lower Electric Bills With a Whole House Meter?

As gas prices rise, consumers are looking to cut their energy usage. You can do this at home by investing in a whole house meter. The meter plugs into your home's electrical circuits to monitor how... Read More »

I live in a 880 square foot trailer and our power bills are over $200 and meter is locke how are they so high?

Depends on what the outside temperature is, what you set the inside temperature at, and how many appliances you are running. Even if the meter is locked, your monthly statement should show how many... Read More »

Is sea salt lower in sodium than regular table salt?

Sea salt has about the same amount of sodium as table salt by weight, but because it is usually not refined, it may have less sodium by volume.Unrefined Sea SaltSea salt is recovered from sediments... Read More »

Does electric utility meter read real power or apparent power?

Apparent power contains "real power" + other forms of power that returns to the source after creating magnetic properties for inductance type loads. The power company does not bill you for this ser... Read More »