Does putting a carpet in a room save energy?

Answer On One Hand: If Your Heat is OnPutting a carpet or rug down in a room will save electricity if it's cold outside and you have your heat on. Bare floors and wood floors are very cold, and will radia... Read More »

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Does putting a computer to sleep save energy?

The sleep mode feature on a personal computer was designed to save energy. Energy Star computers consume 15 watts of power or less while in sleep mode, about 70 percent less energy than when the u... Read More »

What color should a room be painted to save energy?

Homes in warm climates save energy by having rooms painted in light colors, while homes in cool climates save energy by having rooms painted in dark colors. Light colors reflect radiant energy and ... Read More »

What will it cost to carpet a room with indoor or outdoor carpet if the room is 10 feet wide and 12 feet long?

The area of the floor is (10 x 12) = 120 square feet = (13 and 1/3) square yards. You'll probably have to buy 14 square yards. The total cost will depend on the cost per square yard of the carpet... Read More »

How much energy do you save annually with energy star products?

The Energy Star program website reports that in 2009 Energy Star products saved energy equivalent to the emissions from 30 million cars. In monetary terms Energy Star products saved Americans aroun... Read More »