Does pushing downward on your belly hurt the baby?

Answer Answer No, it is far too well protected.

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Besides screaming, what did you yell out while pushing out your baby?

I didn't scream for any of my pregnancies...though I did say some pretty funny stuff while I was medicated. I swear I don't know what I said to this day, but my husband says I was saying things li... Read More »

Why does my belly hurt once my period has finished ?

Mild pain is normal in the period days and before after, since they are mild there is nothing to be worried about but if your cramps continue i would advise you to see a gynecologist for a check up... Read More »

Does it Hurt to get ur belly butten peirced and should i do it?

They're shoving a needle through your skin, of course it hurts.

Does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?

It will but it will be worth it as it looks good.Use some tea tree oil it's a natural antiseptic works wonders on all piercings .