Does purchasing a home decrease the eligibility of financial aid for college?

Answer Only your Financial Aid Department knows for sure.Call and ask, they have all the details.I'm pretty certain that if you're paying with your own earnings, you won't qualify - obviously you can affo... Read More »

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Will my eligibility for college financial aid be affected by whether I file a state tax return?

Well, actually Ms. Altaira is only sorta-kinda correct.While the FAFSA, itself, asks no questions about your state tax payments or state tax liability, state tax IS, in fact, part of the EFC formul... Read More »

Does dropping out of community college effect my eligibility for financial aid in the future at other schools?

It depends on how far into the semester you dropped out. If you dropped out too soon, you could owe that Pell grant back. Then definitely it would effect you getting aid in the future at other sc... Read More »

Student Financial Aid Eligibility?

Paying for college is a big concern for both students and parents. Completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as FAFSA, acts as the first step in determining the amount of fi... Read More »

How many credits is a full-time student for financial aid eligibility?

To receive financial aid, a full-time credit load at a traditional university in spring or fall semesters is generally 12 credit hours or more, with 15 hours considered a full load. Summer semester... Read More »