Does pull out and pray type sex work?

Answer Sex exists so that reproduction is possible. Pulling out and praying works, if you want to reproduce. It doesn't work as often as not pulling out and praying.Sex exists so that reproduction is poss... Read More »

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Type of Boundary Where Two Plates Pull Apart?

There are three types of boundaries where the Earth's crust interacts: divergent, convergent and transform. The rock cycle of the Earth brings up molten magma at the divergent boundaries and at hot... Read More »

Please pray for my father. He had a heart attack and is going in for surgery now. I will pray for your peace?

Your father, you and your family will be in my prayers as you go through this stressful time. May God grant you peace in knowing He is in control and comfort you with His presence.My mother was ve... Read More »

Why are doctors so reluctant to give out Opiate type painkillers when they only type that work on real pain?

you need to visit a pain clinic that specializes in pain medsand to answer your question, regular docs are hounded by the state for "" over prescribing "" .....pain meds! that's why you need to go ... Read More »

How to Do the Exercise Tubing Pull to Work Your Abs?

This medium-impact exercise strengthens your lower abdominals.