Does pudding in cake have to be refrigerated?

Answer On One Hand: Refrigeration Is Often RequiredMany pudding cake recipes require a box of instant pudding or an equivalent amount of pudding made from scratch. The pudding is prepared according to the... Read More »

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Does rum cake have to be refrigerated?

Generally, you do not need to refrigerate rum cake. In fact, many rum cakes should not be refrigerated but should either be stored or frozen if kept sealed. If you plan to eat the cake in a week, s... Read More »

Can i substitute dry cook&serve pudding for instant pudding in a cake?

On One Hand: Improving Cake MixesAdding a packet of dry instant pudding mix to cake batter increases the moisture of the cake itself after it has baked. You'll find several recipes at sites such as... Read More »

Does key lime pie have to be refrigerated?

Key lime pie recipes usually include ingredients that require refrigeration, like eggs, milk, cream cheese and whipped cream, so refrigeration is a must for food safety, and for pie consistency and... Read More »

Does andouille sausage have to be refrigerated?

Andouille sausage is a Cajun, spicy smoked sausage that needs to be either refrigerated or frozen before cooking. Leftover sausage should immediately be refrigerated and will keep for up to seven d... Read More »