Does propylene glycol have an expiration date?

Answer Propylene glycol typically has a two-year shelf life. This number can vary slightly, depending on conditions of storage. Propylene glycol is used as an emulsifier in a variety of food, personal and... Read More »

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Does Cutemol have propylene glycol in it?

Cutemol is a cream that does not contain propylene glycol. Cutemol is used to treat severe cases of dry skin, and can assist patients who have brittle nails as well as damaged cuticles.Source:Sumla... Read More »

Does vaseline have propylene glycol in it?

Vaseline does not contain propylene glycol as one of its ingredients. It does, however, contain butylene glycol, which helps the skin cells absorb the Vaseline by binding with water molecules.Refer... Read More »

Can propylene glycol replace ethylene glycol in HVAC systems?

Propylene glycol can safely replace ethylene glycol in HVAC systems. Due to ethylene glycol's toxicity, propylene glycol is commonly used in the HVAC systems of food-processing plants and other in... Read More »

Does antifreeze contain propylene glycol?

Antifreeze does contain propylene glycol. For example, AMSOIL Antifreeze contains propylene glycol, which is biodegradable and has low toxicity. Another popular antifreeze chemical is ethylene glyc... Read More »