Does printing in grayscale use colored ink?

Answer Actually, despite what many have answered, many printers do use color inks to print in greyscale. Check your owners manual, it may say something about it. For exampleThe Canon Pixma IP5300's manual... Read More »

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What does a grayscale bit channel mean?

Bit channel refers to the number of bits that are used by a computer to produce each pixel of a grayscale image. Because bits are coded in binary, each bit has two possible states, 0 or 1. For a fo... Read More »

In general does printing in colour cost more than printing in black only I have a HP colour laserjet.?

Yes certainly color printing costs more.The black ink is made mainly from cheap Carbon black or some other cheap material. All other three inks are made of much costly ingredients. Black ink is tot... Read More »

How to Convert BMP to Grayscale?

Removing color in bitmap images can be done in two ways: gray-scaling and de-saturation. Although the end result may look similar, they are two different methods. Try both and compare the results t... Read More »

Do colored candles burn faster than lighter colored ones?

A candle's color does not impact its burning time. However, the type of wax that a candle is made from affects how fast it burns. Soft wax, which is commonly used to create jar candles, burns faste... Read More »