Does printer cleaning paper work?

Answer On One Hand: It Works For Small ProblemsWhen paper begins sticking in the printer or smudges come through after a print job, chances are the printer is dirty. There may be lint, dust or clogs, and ... Read More »

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Do you leave paper in your printer tray Won't dust collect on the paper and ruin your printer/prints?

i just leave it in there. but i also print something almost every day, so there isn't much time for dust to gather.

Will laser printer photo paper work on an Epson cx5000?

Because the Epson CX5000 is an inkjet printer, not a laser printer, Epson does not recommend using laser photo paper, although it still may work. The product information guide suggests using Epson ... Read More »

Both me and my wife work at H& R block the printer/scanner ran out of paper so she climb on top and press scan?

Send me a the copy for a second opinion....LMAO yes you should tell her, how embarassing to have that seen.

My printer says paper jam and won't print... i checked the printer there is no paper inside?

Depends on the printer...If it's a big laser then it's found somewhere to hide a sheet of paper that you've not seen yet... in the fuser or duplexer is a good bet. Check real carefully and you may ... Read More »