Does pressure treated wood rot?

Answer Pressure treated wood contains infused preservatives that prevent rotting. However, it is still susceptible to moisture damage, warping, cracking and splintering over time. Coating the wood with a ... Read More »

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Does pressure-treated wood shrink?

Yes, pressure-treated wood will shrink. Shrinkage causes splits and splinters to open up in the surface of the wood. Hardwoods, such as cedar and ipe, shrink less than other types of pressure-treat... Read More »

Does pressure treated wood need a primer coat?

While you're not required to prime pressure-treated wood before you paint it, it is highly recommended to provide the best paint performance. Use acrylic latex paint and primer, as other types of p... Read More »

How much longer does pressure treated wood lasta?

Most pressure-treated wood uses chromated copper arsenate for treatment. When done properly some pressure treated wood can last 40 years, the closest untreated wood life expectancy is eastern red ... Read More »

What size planks does pressure treated wood come in?

Pressure treated wood plank sizes vary greatly depending on purpose, including those used for fence boards or specially ordered planks. They come in sizes anywhere from 1-by-2-inches-by-4-feet to 8... Read More »