Does preparation h work for puffy eyes?

Answer On One Hand: Preparation H Shrinks Blood VesselsPreparation H is a hemorrhoid cream that contains phenylephrine, a powerful ingredient that constricts blood vessels. The product heals hemorrhoids b... Read More »

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Does Preparation H work on puffy eyes?

On One Hand: Preparation H Is Not Made for EyesThe drug company Wyeth, which tested and produced Preparation H, does not recommend that their product be used on puffy eyes. Spokespeople for the com... Read More »

Does Preparation H® work on your eyes?

On One Hand: Models and Magazines Claim Its EffectivenessNumerous individuals have reported seeing drastic improvements from using Preparation H® on their puffy eyes. Magazines have published arti... Read More »

Does hemorrhoid cream work on puffy eyes?

On One Hand: Hemorrhoid Cream Deflates PuffinessHemorrhoid cream does help deflate the puffiness under eyes, according to an article on "It helps tighten and smooth skin on a very tempor... Read More »

How Does a Used Tea Bag Treat Puffy Eyes?

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