Does power washing cause sick building syndrome?

Answer Sick-building syndrome is caused when a person is exposed to chemicals in an office with poor ventilation. Power washing does not cause sick-building syndrome and may benefit the health of the work... Read More »

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Sick Sinus Syndrome in Dogs?

Sick sinus syndrome (commonly SSS) is a disease that can affect humans and other animals, and the health effects are the same for both. The disease affects the heart contractions of the dog, which ... Read More »

I'm building a computer how much power should my power source provide?

If your building your own then don't skimp on power.Getting a higher rating than you need means the PSU will not break into a sweatand it leaves you loads of room to upgrade components at a later d... Read More »

Electrocution Hazards While Pressure Washing a Building?

Pressure washers are high-powered machines that should never be used by children or by adults who don't understand the dangers. The hoses and tips of pressure-washing machines can get clogged and e... Read More »

Power Washing Techniques?

Using a power washer (also known as a pressure washer) is one of the best ways to have your car or truck looking like new again. A power washer can quickly and precisely remove all the salt and dir... Read More »