Does potassium hydroxide react with strontium chloride?

Answer Potassium hydroxide (KOH) will react with strontium chloride Sr(Cl)2 in a double displacement reaction. The balanced equation for this reaction is 2 KOH + Sr(Cl)2 reacting to give Sr(OH)2 + 2 KCl.S... Read More »

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Uses of Strontium Hydroxide?

Strontium Hydroxide, or Sr(OH2), is a strong base with a pH of 13.5, and is most commonly found in colorless crystals. This strong base, as most bases are, is an extreme irritant of the respiratory... Read More »

What is the chemical formula for strontium chloride?

The chemical formula for strontium chloride is SrCl2. Strontium chloride is a common ionic salt that is most commonly used in Sensodyne toothpaste as a gum desensitizing agent. It is also used in f... Read More »

Strontium Chloride & Sodium Carbonate?

Strontium chloride is the water-soluble chloride salt of the alkaline earth metal strontium. Sodium carbonate is the salt of the alkali metal, sodium, with the very weak carbonic acid. Strontium ch... Read More »

Is strontium chloride molecular or ionic?

Strontium chloride, or SrCl2, is an ionic compound. One cation, or positively charged ion, of strontium combines with two ions of chlorine to form the compound. It is "ionic" as opposed to "molec... Read More »