Does pot smoking affect disability insurance?

Answer Answer Yes. Just answer the question honestly, there's probably a separate form to fill out and then the Insurance Company will make a decision.

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If you are on disability and become the beneficiary of a life insurance does it affect your benefits?

When you are in receipt of disability living allowance or DLA as it is also known you will also be on another state benefit such as income support or invalidity benefit and when you receive the mon... Read More »

Does smoking one cigarette a day affect you as much as smoking like 2 packs a day?

Does smoking affect BMI?

No, but that doesn't mean smoking does not harm the body.

Does smoking affect a child?

On One Hand: Smoking Affects ChildrenPassive cigarette smoke is harmful to children's health, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Taking in passive smoke increases a child's risk of getti... Read More »