Does poor credit effect your ability to get student loans?

Answer Federal student aid is not credit based, private student loans are. Everyone is eligible to fill out the FAFSA and see what kind of federal aid they qualify for.Start by going to http://www.fafsa.... Read More »

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Do they give student loans to any student or does that student need to have excellent credit?

To qualify for federal Stafford Loan, you must be a full-time student and not fall below half-time status, be a U.S. Citizen, National or permanent resident alien, you can not be in default of any ... Read More »

How may student loans can you have any bad credit ones besides stafford loans help?

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Do student loans effect fico score?

If you need to apply for a student loan to help finance your college expenses, you can expect it to appear on your credit report. Because of this, your student loans will have an impact on your FIC... Read More »

When did laws go into effect preventing bankruptcy of student loans?

The law prohibiting student loans from being discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy was signed in effect by President Bill Clinton in October 1998. However, relief of a student loan can be accomplish... Read More »