Does pomegranate juice stimulate hair growth?

Answer On One Hand: Normal BenefitsAccording to The Health Vitamins Guide, cranberries are thought to fight bacteria in the urinary tract though they are not known as effective against infections. They ha... Read More »

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Does a Laser Comb Stimulate Hair Growth?

One of the newest and most gee-whiz products to hit the beauty market in recent years is the LaserComb. Though derided by many as a gimmick, laser hair stimulation is actually based on sound scien... Read More »

Vitamins to Stimulate Hair Growth?

Vitamins are essential to stimulate hair growth. A lack of necessary vitamins and minerals causes hair to become brittle and thin over time. Vitamin deficiency can even lead to baldness. Beautiful ... Read More »

How to Stimulate Faster Hair Growth?

Stimulate faster hair growth by making improvements to your diet and overall health. It may surprise you how much what you eat effects the health and vitality of your hair and the speed at which it... Read More »

Tips to Stimulate Hair Growth?

Men and women may become frustrated with their hair and desire for it to grow. Before resorting to costly and sometimes unnatural-looking hair extensions or toupees, there are tips you can follow t... Read More »