Does plexiglass contain phthalates?

Answer Phthalates are a group of compounds made from oils that are often used in vinyl and PVC. Plexiglas, on the other hand, is formed from the molecule methyl methacrylate, a derivative of natural gas t... Read More »

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What is plexiglass?

Sometimes referred to as acrylic glass, both individuals and businesses use plexiglass. Some businesses prefer plexiglass for display cases and counter tops, among other things. Plexiglass is safer... Read More »

How to Cut a Hole in Plexiglass?

Cutting a hole in a Plexiglass sheet, requires tools common to working with both wood and metal. The required tools change depending on the type and size of the hole. Round holes under six-inches i... Read More »

How to Drill Plexiglass?

Plexiglass, sometimes called transparent thermoplastic, acrylic, Lucite and perspex is a polymer that is often used as an alternative to glass. Valued for being shatter-resistant, plexiglass is use... Read More »

Is all plexiglass UV-filtering?

According to I Collect Movie Posters, not all Plexiglas comes with UV protection. When purchasing Plexiglas, make sure it is covered with a UV protector. This will help preserve your collections su... Read More »