Does playing music slow down the performance of the iPhone 4S?

Answer not much but since the iOS 5.1.1 have stability issues may cause some crashes.

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Does iOS 5 software slow down the performance on iPhone 4?

Around 150£ if you don't have warranty. If you do should be nothing

Why does my computer slow down when playing audio or video?

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Will filling my iPhone 16GB 3G with music slow down other processes on the phone such as internet maps etc.?

Honestly I'm not sure, but I don't see why it would make anything else slower. I would only imagine that if you're constantly adding/deleting various songs then maybe it would degrade the memory af... Read More »

Does music slows down your iPhone 4S?

I'll bet she does and if not I'm shore she has a iphone if not a iphone 4s