Does playing music slow down the performance of the iPhone 4S?

Answer not much but since the iOS 5.1.1 have stability issues may cause some crashes.

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Does iOS 5 software slow down the performance on iPhone 4?

Around 150£ if you don't have warranty. If you do should be nothing

IPhone 5: whenever I play music and then go to my messages to text, it stops!?

That's odd. Its still playing on mine. Tried to duplicate your problem to see if it would happen & didn't. Try restarting your phone to see if it helps.

Will filling my iPhone 16GB 3G with music slow down other processes on the phone such as internet maps etc.?

Honestly I'm not sure, but I don't see why it would make anything else slower. I would only imagine that if you're constantly adding/deleting various songs then maybe it would degrade the memory af... Read More »

You accidentally squashed your iPhone the screen went white and stayed like it the ipod music kept playing though what have you broken is it just the screen?