Does playing a musical instrument make a child smarter?

Answer On One Hand: Music Can Help Develop Brain FunctionSeveral studies have indicated that children who start learning a musical instrument before age 15 perform better academically. Learning an instrum... Read More »

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How to Make a Musical Instrument for a Child?

Children love to make noise, and a musical instrument is a great way to channel that urge into something constructive. Instruments do not need to be expensive or complicated to nurture a child's lo... Read More »

How to Learn to Keep Time When Reading Music and Playing a Musical Instrument?

When learning a piece of music it's easy to get carried away in wanting to hear the finished product even if you're only halfway through the work and can't play it properly yet. This leads to excit... Read More »

How to Help Your Child Choose a Musical Instrument to Study?

The ability to play a musical instrument is a wonderful thing, and you can never start too early. Children are curious and imaginative by nature, and many will be able to pick up music very quickly... Read More »

How to Encourage Your Child to Play a Musical Instrument?

Playing a musical instrument can provide many benefits for a young student; it can increase cognitive abilities and even turn into a lifelong hobby or passion. However, it can be a major challenge ... Read More »