Does plant food or water help a plant to grow better?

Answer Yes plant food does help plants to blood and ALL plants, bushes and trees need watering. It's best to know about your individual plants because some plants need more water than others. I think it g... Read More »

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Which water will help a plant grow best tap water sparkling water or purified water?

tap water will make your plants grow faster because it contains ions such as magnesium iron gases calcium carbonate and minerals.There is some purified water that will also make your plant grow onl... Read More »

Do plant grow better with tap or distilled water?

No. Tap water or distilled water has no nutrients or minerals that a plant needs. If you leave a plant with just distilled water, it will effectively 'starve'love MeganX321 :)

What temperature of water helps a plant grow better?

Does tap water or distilled water make a lima bean plant grow taller?

On One Hand: Chemicals in Tap WaterTap water in many areas has added chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine and iodine, which can potentially harm plants. Tap water can also be "hard," having high mi... Read More »