Does pine straw cause termites?

Answer On One Hand: Termites Don't Like Pine StrawPine straw is one of the least-appealing mulches to termites, according to the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center. The University of Missouri ... Read More »

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Is pine straw acidic?

Pine straw is slightly acidic, just like rain water. Because most plants tolerate, and even prefer, slightly acidic soil, pine straw can be used as mulch for most gardening uses.Source:Pine Straw I... Read More »

Can you use pine straw for your chickens?

On One Hand: An Easily Accessible ChoiceIn countries where pine straw is an easily accessible choice for poultry litter, it is often used for chickens. This is especially true among small-scale pou... Read More »

How do I harvest pine straw?

RemovingRemove all debris, bushes and trees that are in the rows where the baling and raking will occur. Prune low-hanging limbs on tall trees around the edge of the harvesting area so the machiner... Read More »

How much is in a bale of pine straw?

The amount of straw in a pine straw bale depends on the type of bale. Pine straw comes in round or square bales, which can weigh between 25 and 50 pounds. A 40-pound bale of pine straw covers about... Read More »