Does peanut butter have to be refrigerated once it's opened?

Answer the natural peanut butter does, but ordianry peanut butter is fine un-refrigeratedim sure if u wanted to refrigerate ordinary kind that would be fine

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Do you have to keep your opened peanut butter in the refrigerator?

Does peanut butter make you fat i love peanut butter and jelly.?

In reality, it is the jelly that you eat with it. It would take a lot of peanut butter to make you gain weight. The answer, without all the hype and hog wash, is no, not alone.

How do I get chunky peanut butter to be creamy peanut butter?

In a food processor or blender. You can make peanuts into peanut butter this way too and it tastes really good that way.

Peanut Butter with Crackers or Peanut Butter on a Bagel Which do you like better?

peanut butter with crackersHappy Memorial Day to you too, and happy to see you covered in the our flag.