Does pasta grown in volcanic soil taste better?

Answer Um . . . pasta is not "grown" Pasta is made, usually from wheat products like flour and durum semolina, and therefore is not "grown." If you mean "does pasta made from wheat that is grown in volcan... Read More »

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What is the nutritional difference between hydroponically grown wheatgrass and tray grown in soil?

There have been over 3,800 nutrients identified in living foods and likely many more that we still know nothing about. Interestingly, there are no tests for any food product that go into this level... Read More »

Can Lavender Be Grown in Acid Soil?

One of the most commonly grown herbs in home gardens, lavender has a variety of uses ranging from perfumes to insect repellents. Though relatively easy to grow, lavender only thrives under conditio... Read More »

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Cooking Tips for Getting Rid of the Tomato Taste in Pasta Sauce?

All tomatoes are acidic, and can give tomato-based pasta sauces a tomato-heavy flavor that tastes harsh and intense. If you suffer from acid reflux or indigestion, the extra acid may cause you to a... Read More »