Does pasta fagioli have zucchini in it?

Answer Pasta fagioli is not prepared with zucchini. It is a bean soup with pasta, prepared with a large sausage. The soup is eaten first. Then the sausage, along with bread and mustard, is served. The dis... Read More »

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Does pasta fagioli soup have zucchini in it?

Pasta fagioli, also called pasta e fagioli, does not contain zucchini. Although the spices included in this traditional Italian soup vary from recipe to recipe, the basic ingredients of cannellini ... Read More »

What is pasta fagioli?

Pasta fagioli literally translates from Italian (pasta e fagioli) as pasta and beans. Traditionally, pasta fagioli is a meatless soup, but variations of the recipe may include Italian sausage or gr... Read More »

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