Does pan frying convert unsaturated (good) fats into trans fats?

Answer Trans fats are artificially created fats which are hard for the body to break down due to their chemical structure. Creating these fats is a lot more complex than simply frying unsaturated fats. ... Read More »

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Why are trans unsaturated fats more harmful than unsaturated fats?

In order to make a trans fat, an unsaturated fat must be heated to high temperatures, which greatly increases the rate of oxidation. The amount of oxidated fats in the diet is one of the chief fact... Read More »

Is it true that Soy milk contains trans fats (hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats)?

Hydrogenated fats are, in fact, very bad for you. Hydrogenation causes typically unsaturated fats to become saturated. Trans fatty acids are also created by the hydrogenation process. To answer you... Read More »

Does Skippy Natural peanut butter really contain NO trans fats...?

I have jar also, and it says that it contains "palm oil" as one of the few ingredients.Blood cholesterol controversyThe United States' Center for Science in the Public Interest said palm oil which ... Read More »

How to Recognize Trans Fats?

Trans fat refers to specific types of unsaturated fatty acids found commonly in the American diet. They can be polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fatty acids. It is the chemical configuration of th... Read More »