Does palm 800W have a headphone opening?

Answer Ummm i have went through a lot of headphones with mp3's and they break real easy. the only thing i can think of is that the headphones are busted or u have them in the wrong plug

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Can you use a headphone with a palm 800W?

No, neither headphones or a headset comes with the PSP 3000. They must be bought separately, and can be found at many retail stores selling PSPs, games, and accessories, online retail stores like h... Read More »

Do blue tooth headphone have a thing you plug in to the headphone port or not?

No . They receive the sound from the bluetooth transmitter in the device so no need to plug anything into the socket

You have 2 headphone slots on your computer Can you limit 1 headphone to 1 application?

Does the headphone have a patent?

Compact headphones were originally patented by SONY but now there is not one.