Does pain stop you functioning?

Answer Both physical and emotional pain can stop me functioning e.g having my feelings hurt is like a kick to the gut,the death of my mum was a deep pain in my heart and I'm a complete woose when it come ... Read More »

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Why does the chlorinator stop functioning when you stop using the pool vacuum cleaner?

How do you stop the pain of trapped wind Dont want cheap jokes im in pain today?

peppermint capsules are good - available from health food shops (and Boots I think). Windeeze from chemists are good, I've tried Deflatine but never had good results from themI also find that sitt... Read More »

Does WD-40 help stop pain?

It is said it will stop the pain from fire ant bites. Never had a fire ant bite but it does not work on mosquito or blackfly bites.

What would you do to stop ear pain?