Does owing $60,000 in loans after college sound average?

Answer Here are some actual figures on what kind of debt students have after school: can see that $60,000 is more than average.$60,000 is quite a bit of debt but it all depe... Read More »

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How much does the average college student borrow in loans?

According to FinAid, the average amount for student loans for a four-year undergraduate degree was $23,186 in 2008. This amount excluded loans taken out by parents, called PLUS loans. Almost two-... Read More »

Should I go to usc and pay off huge loans after college or go to ucsd?

ucsd. this is coming from a usc fan. ucsd has a respectable engineering program and has been called one of the public ivy schools so, id go with ucsd since its like half the price of USC.

I am looking to see if there are any grants available for paying off student loans after completing college-?

Under certain circumstances, the federal government will cancel all or part of an educational loan. This practice is called Loan Forgiveness. To qualify, you must: Perform volunteer work; Perform m... Read More »

Help with my Student Loans (college loans)?

Consolidating student loans is not always a good option for folks. I hate to hear lenders pushing this off on people because you don't have to consolidate loans to have the payments deferred eithe... Read More »