Does ovarian cancer show up in blood work?

Answer A CA 125 blood test is one method used to detect ovarian cancer. CA 125 is a protein manufactured by the body, and elevated levels in the blood is a sign that ovarian cancer could be present.Source... Read More »

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Can a complete blood test detect ovarian cancer?

On One Hand: A Blood Count CannotA complete blood test, or complete blood count or blood panel, will not detect ovarian cancer. Stanford University states that complete blood counts can detect cert... Read More »

Will an abdominal ultrasound show ovarian cancer?

The chances of you having ovarian cancer at your age are slim to none. I fit every symptom of a brain tumor but I don't have one. I could self diagnose and think have breast cancer cause my breast ... Read More »

Does quarters cause ovarian and testicular cancer?

My father died of testicular cancer and he worked in a bank. That's completely irrelevant but if what you're claiming is true then perhaps it may help explain how he got it.

Does diabetes always show up in blood work?

It depends on the test done. If you had a HbA1c (the memory sugar test) - this has now become diagnostic and is replacing a fasting glucose. This means that above a certain level all patients have ... Read More »