Does osha have authority on a military base?

Answer The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has full authority over any private contractor, civilian employees and federal employees working on a military base. However, the agency has no sta... Read More »

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Does OSHA have jurisdiction on a military base?

Military bases contain a mixture of public sector civilian, private civilian, private contractor, and military employees. Neither federal nor state occupational safety and health agencies have jur... Read More »

What does the military have authority over?

No. You would not be impersonating an officer.

Why does the president have authority over the military?

What is now called the Department of Defense was originally named the Department of War.

Does swat have military jurisdiction on a military base?

no, they would use their own security forces (MPs) for any trouble requiring a bunch of guys with assault rifles. how ever if the military turns over control to you maybe but unlikely