Does options expiration affect the stock market?

Answer On One Hand: Increase in VolatilityProfessional option traders will often hedge their option positions by buying or selling the stocks of their options. Therefore, when options are about to expire... Read More »

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How do stock splits affect stock options?

Companies often grant stock options to employees as a reward for good work and to retain good people. A stock option is a "right" to buy the company's stock at a certain price. It is not an obligat... Read More »

Stock Options Market Software?

Stock options are publicly traded contracts that allow their holders to speculate on the future prices of stocks in novel ways, or hedge against declines in existing portfolios. They essentially al... Read More »

How to Invest With Options Trading on the Stock Market?

Stock options are complex and highly volatile instruments that trade on many of the stocks in the market. A stock option's value is based on an underlying entity, such as a stock or stock market in... Read More »

How does the stock market affect you personally?

The stock market is a barometer of U.S. economic health. When consumers are spending and unemployment is low, many aspects of life seem easier. It's only when the market collapses that we feel th... Read More »